Hi everyone! i’m Jeno this is my first time in wordpress.com and i just want to share who i am, so hi! i’m Jeno, i’m a modern man that is born going with the flow of time with the change in how people interact with others and i’m a foul mouth guy (but the foul words that i will use is just words without any harsh intention to offend anyone so i’ll be apologizing to the person who will be reading my blogs). i’m still a classic guy especially in a relationship, i’m stick to one and will not attempt to ruin the relationship that i have. i’m not a religious person so i don’t agree at most religious people i meet, so warning for religious people that will read my writings and if you read this and you don’t wan’t to be offended please get out so no one will be hurt ok? ok!. i’m a lazy lazy guy and i get bored really quick with the things i do (this affects my grades really bad because i do not study my lessons :D) which ruins my mood most of the time cause i cannot achieve what i want to achieve. my hobbies are gaming (Oh! God! it’s so fuckin unique!), playing my guitar and bass, watching in youtubers and writing doodles (anything that comes into my mind). i don’t like dreaming, although that what always happens, i don’t really know what i currently want cause when i think of the things i want to do i end up just dreaming and doing nothing to achieve it so i prefer not to have any right now till i learn to move to achive it.

So this is what you need to learn about me and i’ll be starting to post more blogs and i hope that my warnings would be read and i do not want to receive any complaints for my blogs.

Thank you for reading! later!


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