HI again! so relationship! in can be either just friendship or a lovers relationship. currently i’m in a serious relationship and this is my first and hope to be my last.

Nowadays kids in relationships just do it for fun and collect their partner while they still in an on-going relationship and both party has no knowledge with the situation that their in with. I don’t really understand this kind of persons cause relationships can become stressful, ok this may sound bad but i love my girlfriend i really do but at some point it can become stressful, but they still manage to have as many as they want and in different areas! WOW! it’s so amazing how they could do that and how they have the time to do that!.

Money! Some relationship will really cost you it’s either you’re in a relationship that makes you spend your money in travels and expensive trips or for stuffs that you don’t need or would not even be useful to you but your partner desires such things. in a relationship whether your partner is rich or poor, it will be the same once you waste your money on things that is not needed and will be useless for you. money is not a big deal but how you spend is what is important.

Religion! Some relationships requires to be in the same religion that your partner is in. In my relationship my partner does not require me to be in any religion but her family needs me to be in their religion so when i go at their house i need to be someone who i am not! which is some stressful cause i need to think of my answer if it is accepted in their beliefs or not cause when i answer wrong it feels like i will be disliked and will be forced to go away and it is awkward to be in such position cause i need to shut my mouth and most of my opinions. Some relationships really need to join the religion their partner is in, like Iglesia ni cristo, adventist and others. but in this religion, this is just what i heard some members of this religions move from one place to stay and to another which creates third parties and break ups.

Appearance! Before i met my girlfriend i look like a drug addict, i’m really thin and i have dark eyebags (currently i have some because of the wonderful world called INTERNET!!) and i just wear anything i could grab in my closet as long as it is comfortable but now that i have a girlfriend she ,sometimes when we have extra money to spend, buys me clothes that will look good on me (seriously i don’t know what clothes suits me good so i’ll just where a t-shirt, shorts and slippers the hell i care! haha). The once thin me is now chubby! not because of beer but with food, we eat a lot now. When i was single i would not spend one peso to buy food or any drinks even though i’m really hungry or thirsty. Some becomes really manly with their buffed bodies but i don’t care if i become chubby or fat my girlfriend loves me even if i become really fat but i wish i would not.

Other Girls! looking at other girls are not really bad as you just fucking look at them and not go to them to ask their numbers or flirt with them! Some do it for fun or for sex. i myself look at other girls but i just look and don’t go near them or flirt with them cause i don’t want to ruin a good relationship that i am in now.

PENIS LOVE! Some ruins their relationships just to be with someone physically better that with their partners. But what most of them does not realize is that they only go to better looking people just to have sex with them or they does not realize that when their partner does not look better than they used to be they will just lose interest and will go to another one that will fill their physical desire or sex drive. 

So this will be it for now, i’ll try to add some more using this topic next time, my eyes need to rest for a while. send me a message for your opinions or experience you want to share with me. see you later! 😀


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