Human Interactions!


Some people love to chit chat with everyone even if they don’t know them, some just don’t give  a shit to what other people say even though they know them. I as well don’t like chit chatting even if i know the people that talk to me it’s just i’m not in a fucking mood to talk or discuss some topics to you, i’m just not in to it, come on! i’m not giving long replies to your messages i don’t even reply to you and you still type and type and type. Anyway I’m just not interested to anything you’ll be saying when i don’t reply, just don’t whine to me if i’m not replying to your messages so please don’t bitch about it to me.


I don’t get the idea of adding people in social networks that you don’t really know, not even an acquaintance of yours. Some just such people because of how they look or their status. I’m not against this idea, i just like to bitch about it :D, it’s just the reason why most people get scammed or worst raped by people that they don’t really know. Making new friends is easy if you really want to but it’s hard to trust people in this kind of situations cause you don’t know whether it will be a good thing or a bad thing. So for people that like doing this kind of stuffs please be careful and think about it.


so that’s all for now, i’ll think of other things that i will write or anything i want to bitch and whine about. Thank you for reading my posts, see you later.


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