I fucking hate school, really, i never liked it at school first because in school i got bullied, second i don’t like to be surrounded by tons of people that i don’t know and i don’t trust, third i can’t concentrate in school that’s why my grades fell but it rises sometimes when i feel like doing it and i just want to be in a small class 😦 and finally i just don’t like school cause i need to do things and memorize things that i don’t understand if they will be useful to me in the future. i just want to leave a good happy life, i don’t want to join everyone in what they are doing i know i can’t escape that reality but i can create a different reality (and no it’s not to commit suicide, no no no) and it’s to be a YOUTUBER! Yeah! yes i’ve been watching some youtubers just the past year or 2 and i see what they just do. I know what they do is not simple, but it’s what they love and they’re just earning and earning cause they don’t give a shit about stress or getting tired cause they do what they love. They are like superstars, well they really are superstars. So currently that’s my dream job to be youtube star! just to sit there do videos of the things you love to do. And i can earn money and do my work anywhere i go so this will be very convenient to anyone and as long as there is interenet life will be great. unless they post a picture of you naked on the net! haha!

So this is it for now. see you later!


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