CHURCH! why not feed the Poor


To all that will be reading this, this just my thought about the Churches in the Philippines. i just want to make this clear. These are churches in the Philippines not in other countries.


HI there, i just want to share my experience and thoughts last night. I was with my girlfriend, we’re going home after watching Iron Man 3(Good movie). When we board the Jeepney, i did not expect that there will be some religious persons that will share the words of their God to all of us in the jeep. I did not listen cause i don’t want and i could ask my aunt and future brother-in-law about those things anyway. So they were sharing the message for maybe about 10-15 minutes then after that they gave pamphlets of the message they were sharing to everyone in the jeep. i asked my girlfriend “are we suppose to give money to these people??” she smiled and said no. Then i remembered the topic that me and my cousin talked about the church feeding the poor people. I searched for countries that have catholic or christian church that feed the poor and then saw an article about a church stopping their feeding program



then i read some comments in these page that is only the great thing that church does and now their stopping it which i agree on. I understand that believers will always say that churches gives morality to the people but here in the philippines i don’t understand where the morality is, i looked up what morality means and it says that morality isconformity to the rules of right conduct, i don’t agree that only the church gives this because as a non-believer i may not be that of a good person but i think that the morality of a person will change depending on what is the morality of the place they will be in. 

Here in the Philippines most churches are rich and most of this religious people earn a lot, seriously because my aunt is one, but why can’t they feed the millions of poor people here in the Philippines, cause everyday i see a beggar that will always beg for alms. Why can’t the church feed such people or even give them shelters to stay on. My cousin,who is in New Zealand, told me that the church in their community is not rich and do not asks for donation all the time but every december the church will ask for the people to donate a bucket full of canned goods to give for the hungry poor people. That is something i don’t see in here, In the Philippiines. They do not pay taxes for being priests and other religious officials and the church does not pay taxes for their religious structures and some churches here are really big, as big as a mall.And yet they can’t feed the poor and they threaten our President that the moment he Approve of the Reproductive Health bill he will be excommunicated. WHAT THE FUCK!? He is trying to do something for the people and the religion that he believes in does not care and will excommunicate him. Then why don’t we ask churches to pay taxes for everything, they are useless anyway. Their Opinions does not deserve to be heard by the government if they can’t help the government.


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Hi there, i just want to talk about these guys that are most likely to be insulted and have thousand or millions of haters all over the world. i just want to create this rant for reacting to Pewdiepie’s Bros in the Bro army that are hating him for how insult the ONE DIRECTION. beacuse justin bieber’s fans does not react to him when he insults him. 

These guys (One direction & Justin Bieber) are the most likely to be insulted by haters all over the world. I for one loves making fun of them, i know i’m not as good looking as them and as talented as they are but i just want to join other guys that makes fun of them or just start teasing my cousins to start a war with them. i just love doing that. I don’t make fun of them because of their songs, i just love making fun of them because i love to although justin bieber’s songs are sang better by other people because i don’t really like how he sing. 

Here in the Philippines i dislike the idea of actors creating album for themselves, i mean seriously? i know that they might have clear voice for singing but that doesn’t mean they could just create an album. i know it is part of their work to have extra skills but come on, there are a few people that are not in showbiz that could do a lot better than those actors. i just disagree with that idea, everyone can sing A song but not everyone can sing THE song. I’ve heard tons of people that likes to sing when there is a karaoke in here that has a nicer voice than actors have, why can’t they have their own album and start having tours and gigs. i wish that the music industry in the philippines will search for more talented people to produce songs.Image

Have you heard of PSY’s new song? Gentleman? I’ve heard it and it’s tune is really catchy, i watched the Fine Bros teens react for Psy’s new song some of them doesn’t find it that catchy but some just remembers gangnam style with his new song. Psy is now being pressured to maintain the fame he earned last year for gangnam style with this new song, although it is almost really the same as gangnam style, especially the dance moves but still the moves are fun to do and he is putting a lot of hot korean chicks in his music video, i think psy understand how to create a music video that will be watched, especially by men but in his song writing and tune i think he has lot more to learn. still awesome vid and catchy tune PSY!

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If you are going to read this please be open minded, analyze and understand what i wrote here before judging it. If you do NOT like the title of this blog please do NOT read this cause this is what i and other feels so please respect how we see things and move on.

I, myself is a non-believer of christianity but i believe that there is a GOD. I don’t understand why other people treat people like me, they treat us differently like we are bad people. It hurts that such people like that follows rules and that doesn’t do bad things, such as stealing, murder or rape gets to be treated differently. WHY?! If you are a christian that doesn’t mean that you are good, that all means you’re a christian nothing else. This always runs in my mind, Why do filipinos follow christianity when the spanish occupied our country gave such religion to us and treated us like trash? they did not let our ancestors to have a good education, they raped some filipina women and created families of their own. Looking at filipino christians feels like they eat what they shit!. I don’t want to be a part of this religion and i will never be.

Our President is afraid of getting excommunicated by the church just by giving the filipino people what they need. I’m talking about the Reproductive Health bill, the church opposes this bill because it is against their belief. i don’t understand why the president of the Philippines will be more afraid to be excommunicated than to see the Philippines population explodes. I just hate how stupid he is, i wish that he will have enough balls to care more of the Filipino people than what religion he believes in, cause the church will not help the filipino people but He, The President will.

So for you that treats us, Non-Believers, differently please don’t look at what we do, not on what do we believe in. Treat us according to what we do and how helpful what we are doing to others or to us than to treat us like we are some kind of freak for being a non-believer to what majority of the world’s population believes in. And Non-believers are not anti-christ cause WE DO NOT destroy YOUR BELIEF but we  just don’t give a damn.

This is a message from a non-believer not from a anti-christ

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Here in the Philippines, 60% are poor, 30% can live normally and eat 3 times a day and enjoy other cheap things and only 10% are rich. The Philippines does not need to create too many jobs that requires high credential from applicants because not everyone in the philippines can finish college and even highschool. Some students drops out of highschool because they need to work to support their family needs some of those drop outs are young pregnant girls. Everyday i walk on the street to go to my destination, i’m a part of the 30%, in my walks i can see other people that cannot feed their families but still gambles and drinks alcoholic drinks early in the morning. Some of even waste money to create a big celebration for a 2 or less year old babies, the expense that they make are not beneficial for the baby cause the baby does not even understand what is happening around him/ her. The Philippines really need a good family planning seminar for this people and they need to practice safe sex. No parent can stop a kid from having premarital sex, but they can help that kid to practice safe sex.


Premarital SEX

i know some parents are conservative or against premarital sex but you cannot stop a kid especially when he or she is entering the REBELLIOUS phase of a teenager. In this phase kids tend to submit to peer pressure like in smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, doing drugs and sex. Some are even being forced to join orgies and have many sexual partners. In this times they don’t understand what they really are doing whether it’s safe or not. Some even are being raped! Teenagers really need to understand how to practice safe sex so they will not regret having a baby in their early years and will be married to the person that they don’t even know. Buying a condom is not totally embarrassing but you should be at least be proud that you are practicing safe sex. And please have sex with the person you love not to the person you care about or your hot friend or a person you just met.

Sex maybe is fun but being a Young parent is a cross that you will bear especially for the girls. So if the time that you ready to have sex practice safe sex so that you will be exempted in bearing the large luggage that you will carry.

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Guys wear your condoms!

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PE class rant!


PE class!

when i was in highschool my class was good, we do some exercises, we play our bodies are moving and we are sweating. In college we also had a great pe class, in 4 weeks we stayed in a classroom for discussions then after those week we went to the gymnasium. Starting that they before beginning our pe class we always jog for 5-6 laps around the gym and after that our teacher will teach us different kinds of stretchings and warm ups so that we would not really on going to the gym and using the gym equipments for us to have a fit body. Then i transferred to another school due to financial reasons. Our pe class there is nothing compared to my previous pe classes, we just sat down and discussed lessons for almost the whole semester. our exams are written, WRITTEN for a pe class, i would understand that if it was only in the prelims but til our pre finals our exams are written! i’m not used to that bullshit, only in our finals we did a “Physical examination”. I hate that subject cause i failed that subject! in my previous pe class in my previous schools i can get a grade of 1.25 and a physically fit body but in this school i fail that %^&*(^%$ class and a bored body and the goal of that class is to see if something will change in our bodies after the semester but no nothing has change. Yes it’s really a disappointment for me, cause i’ve tasted something better and i don’t want to taste something dull and worthless.

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Election day is near and candidates in every province, cities and nationwide are now campaigning to earn the votes of the people. In the Philippines, elections are won with money and family name, so it’s really kind of pointless to vote nowadays because of such reasons. candidates running without enough credentials, with fake smiles and efforts that they show to voters. Candidates who are teachers cannot fail a student, it is pretty awesome if you have a candidate as your teacher cause no matter how you fail you’ll still pass. The Presidential election will be in the next 3 yrs, so i hope they will prepare a good presidential candidate not just an actor. I don’t have anything with actors, athletes or anyone in the showbiz and entertainment industry running for political positions that does not fit them, like manny pacquiao, he is  already a great boxer, a legend and a hero but why run for congress he already has his tv shows and he still wants to be a part of the government. why? why manny pacquiao?? With millions of poor people in this country and candidates with a large amount of cash ready to waste vote buying is not a unusual thing to happen. In the past the mayor of a certain province will pay P300 for you to vote him, for a poor man without a stable job this will help him go through the day in exchange of his right to vote. Filipinos complain about the government everyday, but it’s not really the governments problem if they are starving, yes the government may have faults but it us who are placing worthless people in important government positions. So to the filipino people who will vote this coming election, please endure your growling stomachs to vote the right people for the right position than to be full but will starve tomorrow!.

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