Election day is near and candidates in every province, cities and nationwide are now campaigning to earn the votes of the people. In the Philippines, elections are won with money and family name, so it’s really kind of pointless to vote nowadays because of such reasons. candidates running without enough credentials, with fake smiles and efforts that they show to voters. Candidates who are teachers cannot fail a student, it is pretty awesome if you have a candidate as your teacher cause no matter how you fail you’ll still pass. The Presidential election will be in the next 3 yrs, so i hope they will prepare a good presidential candidate not just an actor. I don’t have anything with actors, athletes or anyone in the showbiz and entertainment industry running for political positions that does not fit them, like manny pacquiao, he is  already a great boxer, a legend and a hero but why run for congress he already has his tv shows and he still wants to be a part of the government. why? why manny pacquiao?? With millions of poor people in this country and candidates with a large amount of cash ready to waste vote buying is not a unusual thing to happen. In the past the mayor of a certain province will pay P300 for you to vote him, for a poor man without a stable job this will help him go through the day in exchange of his right to vote. Filipinos complain about the government everyday, but it’s not really the governments problem if they are starving, yes the government may have faults but it us who are placing worthless people in important government positions. So to the filipino people who will vote this coming election, please endure your growling stomachs to vote the right people for the right position than to be full but will starve tomorrow!.

So that’s all for today, see you next time that i will post.

thank you for viewing my blog!.


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