PE class rant!


PE class!

when i was in highschool my class was good, we do some exercises, we play our bodies are moving and we are sweating. In college we also had a great pe class, in 4 weeks we stayed in a classroom for discussions then after those week we went to the gymnasium. Starting that they before beginning our pe class we always jog for 5-6 laps around the gym and after that our teacher will teach us different kinds of stretchings and warm ups so that we would not really on going to the gym and using the gym equipments for us to have a fit body. Then i transferred to another school due to financial reasons. Our pe class there is nothing compared to my previous pe classes, we just sat down and discussed lessons for almost the whole semester. our exams are written, WRITTEN for a pe class, i would understand that if it was only in the prelims but til our pre finals our exams are written! i’m not used to that bullshit, only in our finals we did a “Physical examination”. I hate that subject cause i failed that subject! in my previous pe class in my previous schools i can get a grade of 1.25 and a physically fit body but in this school i fail that %^&*(^%$ class and a bored body and the goal of that class is to see if something will change in our bodies after the semester but no nothing has change. Yes it’s really a disappointment for me, cause i’ve tasted something better and i don’t want to taste something dull and worthless.

So that’s all for today, Thank you for reading my blog


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