Here in the Philippines, 60% are poor, 30% can live normally and eat 3 times a day and enjoy other cheap things and only 10% are rich. The Philippines does not need to create too many jobs that requires high credential from applicants because not everyone in the philippines can finish college and even highschool. Some students drops out of highschool because they need to work to support their family needs some of those drop outs are young pregnant girls. Everyday i walk on the street to go to my destination, i’m a part of the 30%, in my walks i can see other people that cannot feed their families but still gambles and drinks alcoholic drinks early in the morning. Some of even waste money to create a big celebration for a 2 or less year old babies, the expense that they make are not beneficial for the baby cause the baby does not even understand what is happening around him/ her. The Philippines really need a good family planning seminar for this people and they need to practice safe sex. No parent can stop a kid from having premarital sex, but they can help that kid to practice safe sex.


Premarital SEX

i know some parents are conservative or against premarital sex but you cannot stop a kid especially when he or she is entering the REBELLIOUS phase of a teenager. In this phase kids tend to submit to peer pressure like in smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, doing drugs and sex. Some are even being forced to join orgies and have many sexual partners. In this times they don’t understand what they really are doing whether it’s safe or not. Some even are being raped! Teenagers really need to understand how to practice safe sex so they will not regret having a baby in their early years and will be married to the person that they don’t even know. Buying a condom is not totally embarrassing but you should be at least be proud that you are practicing safe sex. And please have sex with the person you love not to the person you care about or your hot friend or a person you just met.

Sex maybe is fun but being a Young parent is a cross that you will bear especially for the girls. So if the time that you ready to have sex practice safe sex so that you will be exempted in bearing the large luggage that you will carry.

So this is all for now.

Guys wear your condoms!

Thank you for reading.

links for the images that i used: www.bubblews.comgoblair.blogspot.comaubondoc.blogspot.com


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