If you are going to read this please be open minded, analyze and understand what i wrote here before judging it. If you do NOT like the title of this blog please do NOT read this cause this is what i and other feels so please respect how we see things and move on.

I, myself is a non-believer of christianity but i believe that there is a GOD. I don’t understand why other people treat people like me, they treat us differently like we are bad people. It hurts that such people like that follows rules and that doesn’t do bad things, such as stealing, murder or rape gets to be treated differently. WHY?! If you are a christian that doesn’t mean that you are good, that all means you’re a christian nothing else. This always runs in my mind, Why do filipinos follow christianity when the spanish occupied our country gave such religion to us and treated us like trash? they did not let our ancestors to have a good education, they raped some filipina women and created families of their own. Looking at filipino christians feels like they eat what they shit!. I don’t want to be a part of this religion and i will never be.

Our President is afraid of getting excommunicated by the church just by giving the filipino people what they need. I’m talking about the Reproductive Health bill, the church opposes this bill because it is against their belief. i don’t understand why the president of the Philippines will be more afraid to be excommunicated than to see the Philippines population explodes. I just hate how stupid he is, i wish that he will have enough balls to care more of the Filipino people than what religion he believes in, cause the church will not help the filipino people but He, The President will.

So for you that treats us, Non-Believers, differently please don’t look at what we do, not on what do we believe in. Treat us according to what we do and how helpful what we are doing to others or to us than to treat us like we are some kind of freak for being a non-believer to what majority of the world’s population believes in. And Non-believers are not anti-christ cause WE DO NOT destroy YOUR BELIEF but we  just don’t give a damn.

This is a message from a non-believer not from a anti-christ

Thank you for reading and press like if you like what i post and leave a message of your thought.

Thank you again for reading.


5 thoughts on “Non-BELIEVERS RANT!

    • thank you for your approval. yeah i’ll continue writing what i feel and observed in my community and post it hear so you and other people could read it. thank you again for reading 😀

  1. Don’t confuse Christianity with Catholicism……. I’m a believer in God and Jesus. But I do not consider myself a Christian. People who call their self Christian are more lost than any non believer. They are sheeple and never question what their Pastors tell them. They never follow the teachings of Jesus, if they did, the world would be a better place. They follow Paul teachings over what Jesus taught.

    Thanks for letting me make my spill here.

    • thank you as well as sharing your thoughts in my rant, i respect your belief it’s just i hate people that don’t respect what other people believes or not believes, i just don’t like people that has religious belief to discriminate us non believers. that is all. thank you.

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