Hi there, i just want to talk about these guys that are most likely to be insulted and have thousand or millions of haters all over the world. i just want to create this rant for reacting to Pewdiepie’s Bros in the Bro army that are hating him for how insult the ONE DIRECTION. beacuse justin bieber’s fans does not react to him when he insults him. 

These guys (One direction & Justin Bieber) are the most likely to be insulted by haters all over the world. I for one loves making fun of them, i know i’m not as good looking as them and as talented as they are but i just want to join other guys that makes fun of them or just start teasing my cousins to start a war with them. i just love doing that. I don’t make fun of them because of their songs, i just love making fun of them because i love to although justin bieber’s songs are sang better by other people because i don’t really like how he sing. 

Here in the Philippines i dislike the idea of actors creating album for themselves, i mean seriously? i know that they might have clear voice for singing but that doesn’t mean they could just create an album. i know it is part of their work to have extra skills but come on, there are a few people that are not in showbiz that could do a lot better than those actors. i just disagree with that idea, everyone can sing A song but not everyone can sing THE song. I’ve heard tons of people that likes to sing when there is a karaoke in here that has a nicer voice than actors have, why can’t they have their own album and start having tours and gigs. i wish that the music industry in the philippines will search for more talented people to produce songs.Image

Have you heard of PSY’s new song? Gentleman? I’ve heard it and it’s tune is really catchy, i watched the Fine Bros teens react for Psy’s new song some of them doesn’t find it that catchy but some just remembers gangnam style with his new song. Psy is now being pressured to maintain the fame he earned last year for gangnam style with this new song, although it is almost really the same as gangnam style, especially the dance moves but still the moves are fun to do and he is putting a lot of hot korean chicks in his music video, i think psy understand how to create a music video that will be watched, especially by men but in his song writing and tune i think he has lot more to learn. still awesome vid and catchy tune PSY!

So this is all for today.

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THANK YOU for reading



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