CHURCH! why not feed the Poor


To all that will be reading this, this just my thought about the Churches in the Philippines. i just want to make this clear. These are churches in the Philippines not in other countries.


HI there, i just want to share my experience and thoughts last night. I was with my girlfriend, we’re going home after watching Iron Man 3(Good movie). When we board the Jeepney, i did not expect that there will be some religious persons that will share the words of their God to all of us in the jeep. I did not listen cause i don’t want and i could ask my aunt and future brother-in-law about those things anyway. So they were sharing the message for maybe about 10-15 minutes then after that they gave pamphlets of the message they were sharing to everyone in the jeep. i asked my girlfriend “are we suppose to give money to these people??” she smiled and said no. Then i remembered the topic that me and my cousin talked about the church feeding the poor people. I searched for countries that have catholic or christian church that feed the poor and then saw an article about a church stopping their feeding program



then i read some comments in these page that is only the great thing that church does and now their stopping it which i agree on. I understand that believers will always say that churches gives morality to the people but here in the philippines i don’t understand where the morality is, i looked up what morality means and it says that morality isconformity to the rules of right conduct, i don’t agree that only the church gives this because as a non-believer i may not be that of a good person but i think that the morality of a person will change depending on what is the morality of the place they will be in. 

Here in the Philippines most churches are rich and most of this religious people earn a lot, seriously because my aunt is one, but why can’t they feed the millions of poor people here in the Philippines, cause everyday i see a beggar that will always beg for alms. Why can’t the church feed such people or even give them shelters to stay on. My cousin,who is in New Zealand, told me that the church in their community is not rich and do not asks for donation all the time but every december the church will ask for the people to donate a bucket full of canned goods to give for the hungry poor people. That is something i don’t see in here, In the Philippiines. They do not pay taxes for being priests and other religious officials and the church does not pay taxes for their religious structures and some churches here are really big, as big as a mall.And yet they can’t feed the poor and they threaten our President that the moment he Approve of the Reproductive Health bill he will be excommunicated. WHAT THE FUCK!? He is trying to do something for the people and the religion that he believes in does not care and will excommunicate him. Then why don’t we ask churches to pay taxes for everything, they are useless anyway. Their Opinions does not deserve to be heard by the government if they can’t help the government.


That is all for today

Let me know what you think of this and sorry if i will offend others i just want to release this out of my head.

thanks for reading to my blog.


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