Things that currently keeps me living

HI, i just want to share with you something i really love doing, watching youtubers!

recently i keep getting depressed in everything i see, from seeing some of my past schoolmates achievements, the idea of Time catching up. i feel so depress cause i still don’t really know what to do with my life. I’m currently in 2nd yr college and i’m taking business administration because i don’t know what to do with my life and i didn’t pass my exam at a university where my parents will spend little money for my tuition and i could take the program that i really want (architecture). And i don’t want to go to school in the upcoming schoolyear cause i don’t want to meet a teacher mine that i don’t get along with and a subject that i failed twice at the school i’m at (P.E!! And i’m thinking of moving to another school again and to take the same program i’m taking so i wouldn’t start from scratch again but with that idea they might disapprove of it. And before this summer came and will be nearly ending i tried to search for some part time and i passed a few resume but they didn’t call me. i am a really lazy bum, i feel hopeless with my life. i know my problem is my attitude in approaching things and i’ve tried to change and i did change but somewhat i returned back to the hopeless me.

And that is why i am continuously being depress but this guys help me live and survive the next day.


PEWDIEPIE, SMOSH and Shane dawson!

These guys make me happy everyday from watching their crazy, stupid, funny awesome videos. With the thought that these awesome dudes will post another video the next day in youtube makes me want to live longer and SMILE and feel good.


To those who might want links to their channels and site just follow these links


So that’s all for today

Thank you for reading my story

so bye for now