1D-ingle berry fans burns cash because 1D smokes weed!


Some fans of 1D(those Die hard fans) burned away a lot of cash because their beloved zayn and louis are not so clean after all.



First of all, FUCK YOU! for burning those tickets that most of you just asked your parents for money for those expensive tickets and for those who worked for it, still fuck you for wasting your hard work. And second, why do you expect them to be so clean, they are not disney idols that are kept clean (i don’t know today but in the past i’m kinda sure they are clean). They are musicians its is so typical that musicians or entertainers smoke weed especially with such fame, they have tons of cash to buy weed,heroine, cocaine and other illegal drugs (weed is not illegal in some parts in Europe so, yeah suck it kids.) and that is all thanks to you fans, you are the ones giving them money to do whatever they want. They will buy anything or anyone with the money they earn from you, begging your parents to go to their concerts or buy their album, or working so hard, day and night just so you could pay for their desires. Its is not bad to be a die hard fan just be open minded with these things, I know I know most of you are 12 years old or below but don’t do anything so stupid like burning a lot of cash because you don’t like it, just go and resell it at least you may get back some of the money you paid for it. In here, in the Philippines, fans cried when they are not able to buy the VIP tickets and alongside them are their parents who are very pissed since such tickets are really expensive and not worth it. But just to shut their kids up (Because murder is not legal or its bad to hurt children nowadays) they went with them and bought them their very expensive tickets where my sister said a person could buy 300+ kilos of rice for the same price of the goddamn tickets.


Message to the parents:

I know you did not earn that cash in a blink of an eye but please calm down and smack your daughters head at least 5 times but don’t kill them that is bad. If it is your son who bought the ticket, don’t think for a second and send them to military school, you know you need to.



Please, Don’t waste money especially in this economy and grow up. 



I share my pain

I want to shout, i want to scream really loud. I want to release all this pain i’m feeling deep inside. I want to scream to your face, scream so loud that you will be angry and then beat you up till you become a pulp. I want to break your bones, stabbed you in the face, your chest and carve out your still fucking beating heart and shove it to your face. I want to crush every bit of you slowly and I want you to savor the pain. I will share the pain that I’m feeling right now! I will make you cry like what I’m doing right now. I’m sorry for what I’ve done and now I’m hurt as well I’m going to give it back to you. I’ll keep your cute fat head near me. I’ll gaze at your face and remember the days that we shared till I fucking cut you off your body. Doing this is not enough, but whom should i share my pain with?


Tell me! *forcefully waves hands to the sides*

Who I shall share my pain with!? *tightly grabs his chest*

Tell me!

Talk to me!

Don’t ignore me!

Look at me! *points at myself*

Look at my face!

Look at the face of the one who opened the gates so that you could enter your beloved heaven.

Talk to me! *sobbing*

Tell me!

I love you!

You hurt me! *punches my own chest*

I hurt you! *points at the head*

And i ended it! Don’t worry i gave your body a proper end. Crucified on the cross like the god you believe, the god we used to ignore and mock till you get brainwashed! And the god you tried to forced into me!


*smiles like The Joker*

A talk with My Self

02:15am 05/21/14

“Hello? Why are you alone? Are you waiting for somebody?” He asked.

“No, i just want to sit here and let time pass-by.” He gave a faint smile.

“Don’t you feel lonely sitting here alone?”

“Well, kind of, but I’m ok. Don’t worry this is my usual routine.” He smiled

“Ok, can i sit here with you as well?”

“Ok, no problem.” He sat near beside me.

“How long?” He asked.

“Hmm. How long?” He asked to clarify the question.

“How long have you been doing this? How long have you been alone in this dark place. I can’t even barely see my hands.”

“I don’t really remember. I just sit here and my eyes learned to adapt in a dark place like this.”

“Oh ok.”

“H- How did you get here anyway? I’ve been here for so long but i never saw you pass-by here.”

“I don’t know as well. I’m just walking then here i am. Can’t really remember the path i’m taking, just walked in here and saw you sitting alone and looking so gloomy.”

“I don’t remember the road i came from as well. Its been so long that everything in here feels so comfortable to me that i decided to stay.”


“If you stayed here a little longer you might feel how comfortable it is in here. Almost feels like home now.”

“Do you like music?”

“Yeah, i even play guitar and bass, not that good but i know how.” He smiled

“Sweet! I tried learning how to play the guitar but i got bored when i felt that I’m taking too much time in learning it.”

“Just need a little more push and some breaks to learn it based on your own pace.”

“Thanks, I’ll remember that if i ever try it again.” He smiled.

“Don’t you get bored sitting here alone or miss some of your friends?”

“Sometimes, but, i just don’t want to leave. It became so comfortable that i got really attached to it.”


“Do you travel or have long walks most of the time?”

“Umm. Nope, not much, i travel in faraway places less than having long walks. Feels so good walking while listening to good music, gives me time to think of the things i need to do or want to do. But most of the time i just do the things i want to do.

“Oh, same here. I often forgot the things i need to do.”

“Yeah, its just so hard to stop doing things that you want and harder when you get trapped in the cycle.”

“Yeah. That is why i felt so down because i can’t push my body in doing things i need to do. It’s just hard to escape the cycle. Procrastinate too much and you’ll be sitting here next to me.”

Silence. A few tear fell. He noticed.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I’m trapped in here. Trapped in here forever.”

Tears continue to fall.

“You could still stand and leave.” He said.

“I’ve tried, I tried a long time ago but I just came back here and has been sitting here for a long time.”


09:27pm 5/21/14

“I’m stuck, I don’t know what to do.”

“Why? What happened?”

Silence. A tear drop fell.

“Hey! What happened? Tell me.”

“I might lose something important and I’m at fault.”

“What are you gonna? Do you have a plan?”

“To be honest, I don’t know, I want to save it but I don’t know. I know Its my mistake but I don’t know what to do! I just want to disappear.”

Silence. Crying.

“I don’t know who to ask for help.” Cries.

“Sorry, I don’t know what to advice as well.”

“I don’t know what to do. I still want to keep it but it just might slip my hand because I’m not holding it firmly.”