I share my pain

I want to shout, i want to scream really loud. I want to release all this pain i’m feeling deep inside. I want to scream to your face, scream so loud that you will be angry and then beat you up till you become a pulp. I want to break your bones, stabbed you in the face, your chest and carve out your still fucking beating heart and shove it to your face. I want to crush every bit of you slowly and I want you to savor the pain. I will share the pain that I’m feeling right now! I will make you cry like what I’m doing right now. I’m sorry for what I’ve done and now I’m hurt as well I’m going to give it back to you. I’ll keep your cute fat head near me. I’ll gaze at your face and remember the days that we shared till I fucking cut you off your body. Doing this is not enough, but whom should i share my pain with?


Tell me! *forcefully waves hands to the sides*

Who I shall share my pain with!? *tightly grabs his chest*

Tell me!

Talk to me!

Don’t ignore me!

Look at me! *points at myself*

Look at my face!

Look at the face of the one who opened the gates so that you could enter your beloved heaven.

Talk to me! *sobbing*

Tell me!

I love you!

You hurt me! *punches my own chest*

I hurt you! *points at the head*

And i ended it! Don’t worry i gave your body a proper end. Crucified on the cross like the god you believe, the god we used to ignore and mock till you get brainwashed! And the god you tried to forced into me!


*smiles like The Joker*


2 thoughts on “I share my pain

  1. Have to say, disturbing but nicely done. 🙂 Very well done actually. That would be a great stage piece. I’m doing the 101 as well. Hope you don’t mind a Follower.
    Much Respect

    • Haha, thank you, this is the place where i could release such psychopatic and depressing emotions. i’m kind of thinking of doing it as a screenplay since i’m in a shortfilm production here in the Philippines

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