1D-ingle berry fans burns cash because 1D smokes weed!


Some fans of 1D(those Die hard fans) burned away a lot of cash because their beloved zayn and louis are not so clean after all.



First of all, FUCK YOU! for burning those tickets that most of you just asked your parents for money for those expensive tickets and for those who worked for it, still fuck you for wasting your hard work. And second, why do you expect them to be so clean, they are not disney idols that are kept clean (i don’t know today but in the past i’m kinda sure they are clean). They are musicians its is so typical that musicians or entertainers smoke weed especially with such fame, they have tons of cash to buy weed,heroine, cocaine and other illegal drugs (weed is not illegal in some parts in Europe so, yeah suck it kids.) and that is all thanks to you fans, you are the ones giving them money to do whatever they want. They will buy anything or anyone with the money they earn from you, begging your parents to go to their concerts or buy their album, or working so hard, day and night just so you could pay for their desires. Its is not bad to be a die hard fan just be open minded with these things, I know I know most of you are 12 years old or below but don’t do anything so stupid like burning a lot of cash because you don’t like it, just go and resell it at least you may get back some of the money you paid for it. In here, in the Philippines, fans cried when they are not able to buy the VIP tickets and alongside them are their parents who are very pissed since such tickets are really expensive and not worth it. But just to shut their kids up (Because murder is not legal or its bad to hurt children nowadays) they went with them and bought them their very expensive tickets where my sister said a person could buy 300+ kilos of rice for the same price of the goddamn tickets.


Message to the parents:

I know you did not earn that cash in a blink of an eye but please calm down and smack your daughters head at least 5 times but don’t kill them that is bad. If it is your son who bought the ticket, don’t think for a second and send them to military school, you know you need to.



Please, Don’t waste money especially in this economy and grow up. 



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