A talk with myself

A talk with myself


Willauer, John IV


Walking on the road where the street lamps are simultaneously dying. A man wearing a black jacket with white and grey stripes carrying a guitar case suddenly noticed that the road he is walking on is getting darker after each step.

Huh? What happened with the lights” he said, stopped to observe the disappearance of light in the street lamps. “Did the government not pay the electric bill?” he questioned himself. “Better walk fast before every lamp turns off”.

He walked with speed and still observing the lamps going off. His forehead started to pucker, question himself. “Why do I feel like that the street lamps are going off after I pass by?” he asked himself. He continued to walk till he found a man sitting all alone in a spot where the street lamp is still on.

What is he doing there, sitting all alone in that dark place?” he asked in his mind.

He noticed the man wearing a grey and dark blue hoodie and brown cargo pants. He was just going to pass by the guy but then he noticed that it is completely dark on the way he is taking and behind him as well. The man sitting behind him just took a glimpse of him.  He thinks about it, whether he is going to walk in the dark or stay here on the spot where the light has not gone off yet.

Hmm, crap! I’m trapped in here for a while, I’ll wait for the lights to come back” he said to himself.

He turned back and looked at the guy; it is just sitting there, staring at the ground. He really thought about whether he is going to walk really fast in the dark or is he going to stay here on the spot with light and a stranger. He does not want for his life to end there, just not yet.

Well, I will just trust my gut not to walk into the darkness for now” he said to himself.

He walked near to the light and stood there for a while when he noticed the guy took a glimpse of him once again. He just ignored it and thought that maybe the guy is frightened of him as well. He looked at his watch every 5 minute and noticed that the lights is not on yet.

Damn! When will they turn on again.” he said with a hint of irritation on his voice.

The guy in the hoodie looked at him.

Dude, those lights are not going to go back. Its either you stay here or you walk on the dark street.” the guy said.

Feeling so irritated with what did the guy said he just took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He then looks at the guy and tries to start a conversation.

Oh, is that so? Then damn, I’ll be stuck in here for a little while I guess.” he said to the guy. “So, how long have you been waiting here?” he asked.


In a cage but eyes on the sky


Willauer, John IV



I may always be in my room, always stuck there and i don’t desire leaving it (unless i need to go to the bathroom). I prefer to stay here because I’m comfortable in here. I don’t feel any pressure or threatening judgement from the outsiders. I know, not all pressures or judgement is bad at all, some are there to keep you walking in a straight line and there are some to cheer or motivate you in reaching those desires that you have always wanted. But in these modern era i see from a birds eye view and i know what you think, some articles in the internet may not be true but they are entertaining. Staying indoors and enjoying the internet makes me so fat, yeah. 

People, most of us, today prefers to stay indoors rather than to go outside see, enjoy and experience it. There is nothing bad staying indoors, unless you were never tasted what is there outside of our small world. I was born in the 90’s, there was no internet by that time and my entertainment is either i play outside with some neighbors and cousins or i draw and let my imagination go wild. In those days you don’t need any gaming console or computers to have fun, all i need is a good piece of idea and to close my eyes to enter and build that idea. 

Nowadays children were born in a household where a computer or a gaming console is available, although some still prefer to go outside and enjoy their time. But some prefers to stay indoors, go to their computer or gaming consoles, open it up and play. I don’t consider having computers and gaming consoles as entirely bad, because with a computer and internet you could do work, learn things from the internet, download ebooks or look into other references for information without burning your wallets to ashes. Hey! It’s not the peoples fault to download illegal ebooks or look into the internet to look for information because our books today costs us a lot of money. I know, the life of our forest is being used to create such books and it should be repaid with replanting some saplings so we’ll not lose our forests but such books puts us in a position that we need to go to certain websites to download ebooks illegally. I know, even some ebooks costs a lot and sometimes it’s just irritating and some of those books are just revision of the previous authors and they are twice or sometimes thrice the price of the original. We are sharing the knowledge so that our friends, family and those who want to learn will not be excluded. We want them to learn, understand and experience those things and moments from reading our books. Then money strikes, someone needs to pay the bills, they have needs as well but it just looks and feels unfair because there are some books that just has the same content as the other book with the same topic that you will pick.

Let’s then tackle the gaming consoles or just discuss about gaming and its benefits, I got pulled by the computer too much. In the past games are just games to entertain us but In the present, they try to add some education in it. Don’t get me wrong, there are educational video games in the past, I’m talking about you sesame street games. I always read in some assassin’s creed post that AC help them with their american history class, I don’t really know if such comments can be trusted but if they are true then It’s good for them and for the developers. We need to impress; First, the consumers, some kids gives a lot of time playing video games so we need to inject some trivias or any educational stuff in the games and Second, the parents, mostly they are the ones paying for their child’s games so they needed to be impressed too, so yeah lets educate our children using the games that they so love. With our evolving technology our gaming experience change as well. In the past there are certain games that can help you not to be fat but in the present we have gaming consoles that will make you wear your body out. Some games for the Wii uses bodily movements to play like sports and other action games. Now developers gave us the occulus rift, there are not many games with stunning graphics that uses this device yet but all it does is take you closer to the game and see from your characters point of view. There are still other gaming gadgets that will make you move while playing. Maybe in the future we will have better video games that educates, keeps us physically fit and of course, that we will love and enjoy till we finish it.



A friend or a bastard?


John Willauer IV

Whether you do something or nothing and for betterment or worse, you will always encounter it. They say it is the only thing permanent on this world and whether you like it or not you will face it.

Some people grabs change to achieve something they want, more likely for their own good, and some just learns to adapt to it easily or smoothly. But some does not share the same perspective in change, like me. I don’t really like changes, especially when it is so sudden that it harshly pushes me out of my comfort zone and that really irritates me. Its like when i notice that time flies so quick that i can’t move with the same pace because there are certain things i still want to do with my own pace. The other day i thought about marvel’s plans for their cinematic universe that is prepared till 2028 and then there is the thought that by that time i will be in my 30’s and that scared me. I got the feeling that i’m nearing my own end and i don’t like it, there so much things i want to do and place i want to go but i’m so lazy and i get bored so quick, I know it’s my fault for being that kind of guy. I know i need change in my life to achieve things that i want and time will not slow down for me.

Time flies, Our societies changes every passing day and most of the people we know adapts to this pace. How are you doing with you own? Do you own each day of your life? Have you earned the achievements that you desire. I hope you do and i hope the i can do the same.