A friend or a bastard?


John Willauer IV

Whether you do something or nothing and for betterment or worse, you will always encounter it. They say it is the only thing permanent on this world and whether you like it or not you will face it.

Some people grabs change to achieve something they want, more likely for their own good, and some just learns to adapt to it easily or smoothly. But some does not share the same perspective in change, like me. I don’t really like changes, especially when it is so sudden that it harshly pushes me out of my comfort zone and that really irritates me. Its like when i notice that time flies so quick that i can’t move with the same pace because there are certain things i still want to do with my own pace. The other day i thought about marvel’s plans for their cinematic universe that is prepared till 2028 and then there is the thought that by that time i will be in my 30’s and that scared me. I got the feeling that i’m nearing my own end and i don’t like it, there so much things i want to do and place i want to go but i’m so lazy and i get bored so quick, I know it’s my fault for being that kind of guy. I know i need change in my life to achieve things that i want and time will not slow down for me.

Time flies, Our societies changes every passing day and most of the people we know adapts to this pace. How are you doing with you own? Do you own each day of your life? Have you earned the achievements that you desire. I hope you do and i hope the i can do the same.


4 thoughts on “Change

  1. I don’t think “own” my life at all. Yes, some say I own coursework. That is only because I get it in on time. I haven’t got a chance to own it as I am forced to spend it studying and working. The grip on happiness is never quite there.

    • Yeah i know how you feel, sometimes we just do certain things according to how they should be because we need to do it. Needs and wants are different but connected.

      • Sadly though the need is so demanding it takes away the feel. Many lives are under stress, people forget the feel of love and life ceases to exist!

      • Yeah but you still have a choice, do what you need or take the risk and do the thing that you want so much (except for murder, especially murdering innocent animals) just take the risk once in a while so that you can feel satifaction.

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