10 Buttons Your Girlfriend Has That You Must Never, Ever Press


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This post was co-written by Lord Rob Fee and myself. Buttons 1-5 are described by me, and 6-10 by Rob.

1. The Telling Her To “Relax” Button

If you ever feel like you might want to press this button, what you should do instead is just not. This is like when you pull the chain on a ceiling fan thinking it’ll slow down or turn off, but it actually goes to the highest speed and begins shaking so violently that you’re bracing yourself for some blunt force trauma. Be forewarned, the “Calm Down”Button is precisely the same – there are no loopholes when it comes to suggesting what mood your girlfriend should be in, folks.

2. The Risky Joke That’s Destined To Turn Into An Argument Button

Poking fun at her outfit, jokingly defending her enemy, playfully suggesting another girl is attractive – these are dicey types…

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Hi! i just want to share how I’m feeling right now and the stupid mistake I have done.

Last June 27, I broke up with my girlfriend of 34months (2 years and 10 months) because I don’t feel the same way anymore. They say it can still be fixed but all i can say is “How?”, if you read my  introduction to who i am you will know I’m not that type of person to give so much effort in doing different things. Although, in our first year i gave effort and time to her then in the coming months it gradually decreased. Maybe because I’m so comfortable with her that is why i did not want to give too much effort in our daily life as a couple. I did not cheat if that is what’s on your mind.Yes, i met new and different people and most of them are girls and i had some crush on those but that is not enough to push away the feelings since i know for a fact that she is the best i could have and i love her family as well and they  love me too. It’s only been 5 days since our break up and I’m already regretting the decision i made, all i can think about is I’m just afraid to try new things(obviously) and i already found a place to be safe and comfortable. I’m really scared right now I feel so lonely and I don’t know who to lean on, even though I’m used to being alone even when I’m with her but at least I know that if I poke her she will offer her shoulders to me.

I already thought of killing myself again but now my psychopathic side won’t kick in to stop and distract me. I lost, I loss a very good person to me and i regret it. I always play safe but now i walked right into the wrong path.

What to do?