Depression, Kicking in!

Whether i stay at home or go outside, depression will always find its way to wake you up with a frown on your face and tears falling.

There are times that at home i feel so happy and full of life but the moment i go out of the house and see how this world has turned out to be, depression kicks in. As i’ve introduced myself, going out and seeing what the world has became does not help me to push through life, it just makes me want to end the life of the people i see and my life as well. Such scenes disturb the little bit peace in my mind so i try and avoid such people and situations but i still face them.

I want to eat the meat from the bodies i cut, bathe it on their boiling blood and stare at their heads and directly at their lifeless eyes.

But still, after those murderous feeling there is always a person to keep me calm, satisfied and at peace. An angel possibly. 😀


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