A baby with you

I know that we’ve not been that long together but it feels so nice to be with you. Feels so good that you make me want to bite you.

I still have no understanding how you feel towards a guy like me; lazy, stubborn, prefers to create things based on understanding not on books and still in fear of certain things(more on relation to working and other yada yada.) How i want to know how you look at me and what you see in me.

Going back to the topic, its the first time i want to have a child and i’m feeling it with you! And i’m still scared on how your father will deal with such things (In his current mindset, i still don’t know how is he dealing with her baby girl having a boyfriend) but even though he is there i still want to have a baby with you! my dear! my angel~! A child that we will take care of together, whether it is our own child, adopted or a pet. i think it would just be nice. πŸ™‚ Just want to say such thing πŸ™‚


Just sharing how i feel right now.


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