Just felt disrespected

I just want to share something in here on what i have experienced tonight. A very irritating experience for me.

My girlfriend and some of her girl friends went on drinking, after that she asked me to come there so we drank (although i did not drank too much since my belly is not feeling really well). After we drank, i walked my girlfriend with her cousin to their house. Then we unexpectedly encountered her father on the street, i greeted him a good evening but he said something but not feeling to write it because it is not that essential in the story. We walked and her cousin felt nervous to what might happen. I’ve met her father once but i did not introduced myself back then since i don’t know how to introduce myself to him (My mistake, i know) because we are not official by that time. So, back to the present day(or night) after that she asked me to wait on the street corner because her cousin just need to pee and after that i’ll walk her cousin home since its already dark. Then after a few minutes, i saw my girlfriend, her cousin and father walking together. So when they stopped to wait for me, i tried to approach her father and introduce myself and i tried to shake his hands as well but all he said “Huwag na, kilala na kita”(No need, i already know you) then i just walked to her cousin and we walked. I feel so irritated about that, he already know me? Is he stalking me? (Ooooh, must be a reader of my blogs 🙂 ) I don’t know, it is just irritating to experience that, i tried to approach him and introduced myself and i will just receive a response like that? feels like a slap on my face, a slap that is not worth the pain. I am more scared of people that knows how to be human, those who knows how to be a person and respect them even though they don’t deserve it. He already made me not to give him such respect even though she is the father of the girl i love. But still, yes, she is still the father of the girl i love and i should give him respect and i wish that her mother and other siblings will not be like that.

Thanks for reading. I want to know your opinion about such matters, please. i would like to read your opinions on such matters, whether it is negative or positive.


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