People in society

Yesterday, i read that there was a shooting tandem near our city and with this it just became scarier to travel. They shooters shot a bus, good thing there was no one hurt but what if they shot a jeepney where people can die.

Last night, A man went to a beer house to drink. I heard he went there to drank and eventually beat-up a person. She has a daughter, living with him and this man does not think of the consequences that may come to his family. She said that there was this one time that her father got into a fight that he is the one at fault. She and her brother got into such ruckus because of him.

People should really learn how to get along with others that they meet on the street. Whether we are in a beer house or simply somewhere with lots of people. We should control our moods and do nothing that may attract such problems.

My Dad always tell me that i should just not start any fights and be kind to others so that you can live your life peacefully. This is what i always keep in mind, because i don’t want bad things to attract my family, friends and my love. Keep a low profile or create a peaceful environment around you.

If such people tends to disrupts what we commonly do without good intentions then they should leave our society. They should stay in an island where there are no to disturb, isolate them away from society so that we, people who wants peace and harmony, can live nice and decent lives.


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