A possible war will start because of an island within the vicinity of the Philippine area. Is it really worth the risk? No, If China wants the island maybe they should have it, do you know why i think they should have it? Because the officials in the Philippine government will not utilize whatever is in that island, the island will be just a piece of land that will never possibly used because it is there for a very long time and the government did not do anything about it til China gives interest to it. And we should remember, most of the factories that produce goods that we use or is needed in products that we use is mostly made in China and because of such industries in their area it creates tons of pollution that costs their people’s health. So taking one island that is not being utilized far from their vicinity of their nautical area can already be considered as an act of war since there are no documents of purchase or ownership. But why not just create deals, sell the island and prevent an impending war between large countries (Talking about the US and Japan). If this sparks a war it could be possibly a World War 3. Maybe giving or creating a deal for such an island is better than being greedy and unreasonable by both governments rather than starting a war that can be really devastating to everyone in this world.

Just my opinion on the matter. And i don’t really want a World war to start.

Thank you for reading. Any comments and other opinions are welcome.