Hate is a bitch

I don’t really care in what other people’s sexual orientation maybe because they are still those who have a dick, vagina or has both testes and ovaries. I’m not a hater of homosexuals, although there are times that i don’t want to be near or be with some that are very terrifying to be with or just really irritating and insulting. This is my opinion, i know that a lot of you, some maybe has a bad experience with them or a part and a strong believer of the christianity and it’s other sectors.

I have a friend that is a homophobic, i know i shouldn’t change his belief towards them but he should not harbor so much hate towards them because there are some living of them living a good life. Most of such try to live their life standing and walking through a forest of uncertainty, holding themselves all alone but still bears no hate towards those who hate them. Yes! i know there are such that are really irritating to meet or even look at but still, they are human beings, made by an entity that we still have no idea. Some are lucky, since they are quickly accepted by those who care for them but others are not, especially here, in a country where christianity and its other groups is a majority for a religion and belief. I know that there are still countries that is being occupied by majority of the same religion. Some accepts such people, some push, insult, abuse and harm them. We have our different beliefs, different opinions, sides of our stories but we should still live in a peaceful community! Homosexuality is an issue in the PAST! Whatever the reasons of those who harbor such hatred in their hearts, i wish that they help the community their in better than those who that they spit at and step on everyday! Because a person that has no purpose in their community, that can’t help improve the way of our LIVING! should just SHUT THE FUCK UP rather than fucking hurting those who can help. Whether you are heterosexual or you have a different preference, you are to shut up if you have nothing good to say towards a group of people that you have not yet heard their individual stories, their struggles and mistakes in life. I don’t want a world where my children will live in a cage, i want them to be satisfied with the freedom that they are receiving and in return, they will not harm to those who has no intention of creating conflicts in this world and help those are in need. Help those people who cannot stand on their own, those who are lost and has no idea where they are, and those who just simply wants to help others as well (with their permission of course).


Let’s live in a world where there is diversity of people, whatever basis it would be. Let’s create a peaceful world since we will only stay here for a short time.

Start with lending a hand if you can help and not to start any conflicts that will harm you and other people.


1D-ingle berry fans burns cash because 1D smokes weed!


Some fans of 1D(those Die hard fans) burned away a lot of cash because their beloved zayn and louis are not so clean after all.



First of all, FUCK YOU! for burning those tickets that most of you just asked your parents for money for those expensive tickets and for those who worked for it, still fuck you for wasting your hard work. And second, why do you expect them to be so clean, they are not disney idols that are kept clean (i don’t know today but in the past i’m kinda sure they are clean). They are musicians its is so typical that musicians or entertainers smoke weed especially with such fame, they have tons of cash to buy weed,heroine, cocaine and other illegal drugs (weed is not illegal in some parts in Europe so, yeah suck it kids.) and that is all thanks to you fans, you are the ones giving them money to do whatever they want. They will buy anything or anyone with the money they earn from you, begging your parents to go to their concerts or buy their album, or working so hard, day and night just so you could pay for their desires. Its is not bad to be a die hard fan just be open minded with these things, I know I know most of you are 12 years old or below but don’t do anything so stupid like burning a lot of cash because you don’t like it, just go and resell it at least you may get back some of the money you paid for it. In here, in the Philippines, fans cried when they are not able to buy the VIP tickets and alongside them are their parents who are very pissed since such tickets are really expensive and not worth it. But just to shut their kids up (Because murder is not legal or its bad to hurt children nowadays) they went with them and bought them their very expensive tickets where my sister said a person could buy 300+ kilos of rice for the same price of the goddamn tickets.


Message to the parents:

I know you did not earn that cash in a blink of an eye but please calm down and smack your daughters head at least 5 times but don’t kill them that is bad. If it is your son who bought the ticket, don’t think for a second and send them to military school, you know you need to.



Please, Don’t waste money especially in this economy and grow up. 




If you are going to read this please be open minded, analyze and understand what i wrote here before judging it. If you do NOT like the title of this blog please do NOT read this cause this is what i and other feels so please respect how we see things and move on.

I, myself is a non-believer of christianity but i believe that there is a GOD. I don’t understand why other people treat people like me, they treat us differently like we are bad people. It hurts that such people like that follows rules and that doesn’t do bad things, such as stealing, murder or rape gets to be treated differently. WHY?! If you are a christian that doesn’t mean that you are good, that all means you’re a christian nothing else. This always runs in my mind, Why do filipinos follow christianity when the spanish occupied our country gave such religion to us and treated us like trash? they did not let our ancestors to have a good education, they raped some filipina women and created families of their own. Looking at filipino christians feels like they eat what they shit!. I don’t want to be a part of this religion and i will never be.

Our President is afraid of getting excommunicated by the church just by giving the filipino people what they need. I’m talking about the Reproductive Health bill, the church opposes this bill because it is against their belief. i don’t understand why the president of the Philippines will be more afraid to be excommunicated than to see the Philippines population explodes. I just hate how stupid he is, i wish that he will have enough balls to care more of the Filipino people than what religion he believes in, cause the church will not help the filipino people but He, The President will.

So for you that treats us, Non-Believers, differently please don’t look at what we do, not on what do we believe in. Treat us according to what we do and how helpful what we are doing to others or to us than to treat us like we are some kind of freak for being a non-believer to what majority of the world’s population believes in. And Non-believers are not anti-christ cause WE DO NOT destroy YOUR BELIEF but we  just don’t give a damn.

This is a message from a non-believer not from a anti-christ

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PE class rant!


PE class!

when i was in highschool my class was good, we do some exercises, we play our bodies are moving and we are sweating. In college we also had a great pe class, in 4 weeks we stayed in a classroom for discussions then after those week we went to the gymnasium. Starting that they before beginning our pe class we always jog for 5-6 laps around the gym and after that our teacher will teach us different kinds of stretchings and warm ups so that we would not really on going to the gym and using the gym equipments for us to have a fit body. Then i transferred to another school due to financial reasons. Our pe class there is nothing compared to my previous pe classes, we just sat down and discussed lessons for almost the whole semester. our exams are written, WRITTEN for a pe class, i would understand that if it was only in the prelims but til our pre finals our exams are written! i’m not used to that bullshit, only in our finals we did a “Physical examination”. I hate that subject cause i failed that subject! in my previous pe class in my previous schools i can get a grade of 1.25 and a physically fit body but in this school i fail that %^&*(^%$ class and a bored body and the goal of that class is to see if something will change in our bodies after the semester but no nothing has change. Yes it’s really a disappointment for me, cause i’ve tasted something better and i don’t want to taste something dull and worthless.

So that’s all for today, Thank you for reading my blog